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What’s Next for You?

People seem never to get tired of asking young people about their future, their plans, their hopes and their dreams. Of course, it’s rare for a young person actually to have a concrete answer. Only as we grow older do we fully realize the importance of dreaming, planning, and working toward bringing our dreams into reality.

Oddly enough, as we grow older, we’re asked this question less and less often. To me, it’s unfortunate! Why should our dreams be less interesting, less compelling, less exciting, just because we’ve already got so much experience under our belts in imagining, planning, and creating the lives that we now have? In my opinion, it’s an ageless question that we should never stop asking ourselves.

No matter our age, no matter what’s come before, and no matter what we might think about the future, let’s keep asking, keep dreaming, keep planning, and keep creating. We might get older, but this question–and the quests its answers reveal–never get old!

So… how about it then: What’s next for you?