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About Kerri Ann

If you’ve come across my website, it’s likely that you’re looking for information related to options, choices, and resources for older people in Eastern Massachusetts. I hope I can help, either through the information on this website or by talking with you over the phone or in person.

My name is Kerri Ann Tester, and I’m a licensed independent social worker (LICSW) who specializes in working with older adults. I help seniors, their families, their friends, and their health care providers navigate the many transitions and choices we all naturally encounter as we age.

I encourage my clients to approach aging with curiosity and creativity. As a former educator, I thoroughly enjoy seeing people learn something new and gain practical skills that can make their lives easier, richer, and more enjoyable. For example, you might learn to use a smartphone to book rides or to have groceries delivered to your home. You might take on the challenge of developing a new exercise regimen, or of teaching yourself a new way of cooking to improve your health. I see aging as the ultimate continuing education classroom!

If you would like to talk with me over the phone or in person about your own changes, dreams, plans, and choices, please don’t hesitate to call or email me. There’s no charge for our initial phone conversation, and it’s my sincere hope that you’ll feel better at the end of our chat.